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Copper River Funding, LLC provides investment opportunities on Commercial properties and nationally recognized cash-flow franchises that allow investors to enjoy higher returns to assist their short and long-term investment strategies. If you would like a personalized "one on one" consultation, clear instructions or a general Q & A from our CEO – Craig Gaudio, please provide the information below for a timely response that works with your schedule:

Copper River Funding, LLC

  • Craig T. Gaudio

  • Michael S. Peart

  • Tim Stamps

1070 Riverwalk Dr. Suite 258 Idaho Falls, ID 83402
Toll Free: 1-877-665-5259
  • West Palm Beach, FL
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Houston, TX

"I have been an active investor in Copper River Funding since October 2010. I have participated in the individual loan end of the company as well as the fund. I am currently fully invested in the fund and I am very pleased with my yearly return. In today's market where good returns with lower risks are hard to find, Copper River Funding has given me an investment opportunity with great performance. I appreciate the knowledge and confidence of Craig Gaudio. It's obvious he enjoys working in this industry; his willingness to communicate and work closely with his clients is greatly appreciated"

Kathleen B. Idaho Falls, ID