Small Business is Booming!

According to the SBA, “For 15 straight quarters, small firms have contributed to employment growth – accounting for as much as 80 percent of job gains in any quarter.”  This of course is a fantastic number and it clearly reflects the value of small businesses, unfortunately however, it’s been reported that only 21% of commercial financing transactions were completed by the large banks in 2014!  Basically, 79% of small business owners had to seek different or alternative lending options as opposed to conventional and SBA financing.  Think about that for a moment, per the SBA’s office, as much as 80% of small business is responsible for the U.S. job growth, and yet just about 80% of small businesses are shut out of the very financial options that are the catalyst for stronger growth.   I guess it’s a celebration of the success, but when the needs are instrumental for growth sustainment, an almost “don’t bother us kid” approach to lending occurs.

I’m thankful that Copper River has led the field since 2008 to provide alternative (workable) strategies to successful men and women who are clearly impacting growth in the United States.  Here’s to making an even larger difference to others in 2015!